We are a full package Apparel company located in heart of Los Angeles, and

specialize in garment manufacturing, experience working with new and coming designers, and as well as recognized celebrity designers in the industry.

Our primary focus is to understand the need of the of client’s vision from start

to finish and working closely in seamless communication.

We endeavor in commitment of excellence and value the intimate phases of

garment making, and cohesively deliver consistency superiority time and time again. Reign Three’s main job priority is: “Delivering on Time and Passing Exceptional Goods”. We find the solution through tight channels of communication and adapt difficult challenges to achieve one goal: “Make Fashion not War”

Relationship is most important to us and we would like to campaign together as partners to meeting the same vision and goal.



M   A   D   E       I   N      T  H  E      U  S  A  


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